Monarch Butterly & Purple Coneflower Hard Enamel Pin

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This 1.5" wide hard enamel pin is the newest edition to our Ruffner Mountain series.

We wanted to celebrate our love for the Monarch, one of the most loved and recognized butterflies in North America. They are common throughout Alabama and can be spotted in every county. Due to their migratory patterns, most Alabamians will see them only in spring and fall when they make their way through the state on the way to and from their wintering grounds.

Monarchs are not cold tolerant but eastern populations solve that problem by migrating to a warmer climate—a feat that involves flying thousands of miles and circumnavigating a continent. Monarchs that originate as far north as Canada and New England follow the Appalachian Mountain range south, and some eventually stream through Alabama.  Many make it to south Alabama where they roost communally in trees and shrubs in places like Fort Morgan and the grounds of the Grand Hotel in Fairhope. Most travel on to Mexico but in 2008/2009, Duane Miller discovered that hundreds stay in Alabama, clustered in pine trees at Fort Morgan, flying only when days are warm.

Our monarch is shown on a purple coneflower, a deciduous plant that provides food for butterflies, caterpillars, native bees, other pollinators, hummingbirds, and various other birds.

This hard enamel pin features black nickel plating and a double-post pin closure with rubber clutches and logo insignia on back.

A portion of the proceeds from each pin will go towards supporting Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve.