Io Moth Hard Enamel Pin

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This 2" wide hard enamel pin is the newest edition to our series inspired by the nature of  Ruffner Mountain.

The Io (EYE-oh) moth is a colorful, easily recognizable North American moth in the family Saturniidae and is found throughout Alabama. 

Adult males have bright yellow forewings, body, and legs, while females have reddish-brown forewings, body, and legs. The males also have much bigger plumose (feathery) antennae than the females. Both have one big black to bluish eyespot with some white in the center, on each hindwing, a defense mechanism meant to frighten off potential predators, especially when the moth is sitting in the head-down position. Adult moths have a wingspan of 2.5–3.5 inches (63–88 mm).

This hard enamel pin features gold plating and a double-post pin closure with rubber clutches and logo insignia on back.