Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Hard Enamel Pin

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This 2" wide hard enamel pin is the third in our Ruffner Mountain series.

A large, black-and-white-striped butterfly, the Zebra Swallowtail is found throughout Alabama. Their slender striped wings are adapted for both camouflage and maneuverability, allowing them to flutter and swoop through woodland understories. Visually, their telltale stripes make them difficult to follow as they glide through dappled sunlight and shadows.

They are multi-brooded, flying in spring, summer, and fall. The spring brood is typically the largest. They occur in bottomlands as well as deciduous forests and do not stray far from them. Males gather in groups with other butterflies to sip nutrients from damp areas. The proboscis is short, restricting Zebra Swallowtails to short-tubed plants as nectar sources

Zebra Swallowtails belong to the worldwide group of Kite Swallowtails, a tropical genus named for its wing shape. They are the sole members that have adapted to our North American, less-than-tropical climate.

This hard enamel pin features gold plating and a double-post pin closure with rubber clutches and logo insignia on back.

A portion of the proceeds from each pin will go towards supporting Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve.